the chef

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Less is more is the way Chef Taruneet Walia believes; minimum oil, salt, no added cream and simple but authentic recipes, that’s how she cooks at home and at restaurant. A hotel management graduate from India with a deep understanding of spices and cooking style in line with the ways of our ancestors. Today when cooking in large volumes with similar gravy base using pre-mixed curries is the norm; she lets her team cook in small batches and giving distinct taste and flavour to every dish on the menu to ensure delicious, refreshingly light and authentic taste.

refreshing menu

When large and never changing menu is another norm in most of the Indian restaurants; we at Mango Chutney believe in small menu but changing it with the season. It is a very unique way of offering a wide variety of dishes to our guests. The Guests never gets bored of same curry offering and our Chefs never get bored by making the same curries over and over again. After all if we are happy in the kitchen, you will be happy on the dining table.

Mango chutney has been serving the authentic Indian cuisine to the city of Cambridge since early 2010. Always fresh, healthy and flavourful food is the key to our restaurant. This we do by buying the vegetables and meats from premium sources to ensure high quality and consistency. We absolutely do not use any added cream to our dishes, ensuring that our food is healthy, refreshingly light and delicious. We use fresh spices ground in our own kitchen which guarantees absolute authenticity in the flavour.

the chef